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Rough Turning Day

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

So today I actually had a list of what I was going to make: a Pizza Cutter kit from Woodcraft, a Penn State Industries Back Scratcher handle, and 2 Drawer Pulls. I have made the Pizza Cutter handle before and had a plan for the other 2, easy and fun! The weather was perfect (especially for June in Oklahoma) overcast, low-70s, and good chance of rain. I went out to the garage to get started and found a perfect piece of scrap wood for the Drawer Pulls. Did the first one, pretty happy with it and wrote down my measurements (AKA my recipe) to do the matching pull. Wasn't exactly the same, but close enough for garage work. Took almost 3 hours from start to finish so decided to have a little lunch.

Next up: Pizza Cutter Handle. I did one of these for a Christmas present and it was beautiful. We had some trouble with the insert part last time (for the pizza wheel to screw into) so I wanted to make sure I avoided that this time. I did a test piece, but we decided it was going in crooked so we needed to figure out a jig to get it to go in straight. So, on to the next project.

Next up, again: Back Scratcher (which has a tiny hand!!!). I have the wood and a 7/16" drill bit, but it is short and won't go into the blank 4.5 inches.....ok, next project please....

Next up, again again: Garden tool set (3 pieces, stainless steel, really fun!). Need 11/16" drill bit, don't have that one in all the drill bits we have.....ok, what can I do without a bit (AKA turned on center).....

CANDLESTICK! I got this top and bottom piece for a Candlestick from Penn State Industries and have some Red Palm--it looks like it will be really pretty. Brown with black spots and I never used it before. Well, it started out 6 inches, ended closer to 4 inches, and is pretty in pictures, but really chipped in real life (there is a picture below, but it isn't put together). It was chipping out all over as I was shaping it so it ended up getting shorter and shorter--some things you can't fix. Any ideas on turning Red Palm would be appreciated! I finished it up with Linseed Oil (I hadn't used that before either) and the color is great! Maybe that piece was too dry or I was turning too fast? Who knows.

Lessons from today:

1. Don't assume you have the drill bits you need, we aren't quite as stocked as I thought we were (but we are now after my trip to Lowes!)

2. Always have too many projects, just in case you can't do any of the ones you were planning on.

3. Make a more detailed plan--make an actual list of everything you need, then make sure it really exists at your house.

4. Red Palm is more difficult to turn than expected--glad I didn't pay too much for it! (also, please help me on that if you have an idea!)

5. Enjoy the day even if it all goes wrong--I got to turn all day in the rain in June and had a lot of fun!

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