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Full Circle

In November of 2018 I attended my first Craft Fair as a vendor. I had 2 types of pens (the Princeton and Cigar) and a handwritten poster board with information about Ghana and the mission trip I was raising money for. I talked with a lot of people that day but only had 1 request, a skinny pen to put in your checkbook that is carried in your pocket. So, I went home that evening and did some research. A couple days later I bought a kit with 30 skinny pens (now known as Slimline) and about 36 acrylic blanks. I had never used acrylic before so this would be fun! I broke a LOT of blanks, but really enjoy working with them now!

Anyways......skip forward to Meet Me At Main in July 2019. A man comes up to my table and asks if I was at that craft show in November because I looked really familiar (and he recognized my pens....). It was the man who asked about skinny pens!! He promptly picked up a pen (which he bought) and said thank you for listening to your customers. It was so cool to come full circle and help meet the need of my customers!

Most items I have made (except the open segmented bowl, I just wanted to learn that one for myself) are due to suggestions by customers, friends, and family. It is awesome to create things for other people!

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